About Dr. Corey

I don’t believe I’m alone in my desires for love and intimacy, and the hope I have to live a life full of meaning and purpose. I often wonder what God is up to in my life and how to make sense of the intense sexual desires He has given me.

Growing up I came to doubt my self-worth. I came to believe I was only worthy if I could be perfect and know all the right answers: biblically, academically, relationally, etc.

As it turned out, hiding behind the mask of perfectionism and knowledge actually kept me from true intimacy and a life of purpose.

On the outside everything looked good. I was the proverbial “good kid” and “nice guy.” But on the inside my heart was numb and dying. My soul grew thirsty and it was no longer enough to merely appear good. I wanted to drink deeply of life, to live passionately, and so started my journey toward wholehearted living.Dr. Corey Carlisle

Slowly, I woke up to the presence of God in everyday life. As I learned to live in His presence, I discovered the sacredness of my work, my relationships, and even my sexuality.

Yes, there is still heartaches and pain, but His presence has brought profound joy and deep pleasure into my life. I’m learning to embrace ALL that God has for me as His child.

And so it has become my passion to also help you discover your relational, sexual, and spiritual best. I believe a more abundant life is available for you.

When facing the challenges of living well we might turn to well-meaning family and friends. However, they are not always able to provide the objective perspective we need. And not everyone is safe to share the private areas of our life with.

I want to create that personal space for you, free from the demands of others, to thoughtfully attend to the important and sensitive areas of your life.

As a calm and steady guide, I seek to bring vision and deep reflection to your story as you navigate the difficult and messy ordeals of life.

My hope is for you to use problems as an opportunity to grow and to enjoy life to the full, turning your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

As an ordained Christian minister, more than anything I want you to experience the freedom found in Christ so that you may fully pursue the desires God has written on your heart

My advance training and degrees in marriage and family, sexuality, and theology allow me to walk with you on your journey toward wholehearted living. The relational, sexual, and spiritual aspects of your life can all be addressed together.  This opens the door for deeper healing and harmony in your life.


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