The Difficult Road to a Championship Marriage

Why is marriage so hard? If we love each other shouldn’t things just click? Did we make a mistake in choosing to marry each other? The experience of marriage can be hard and this is in part by design. While marriage is not meant to make us feel miserable and hopeless, it is part of […]

Discernment Counseling

“How did we get here? I thought you were the one. We once pledged our undying love to each other. We have beautiful children together. I wanted to and was ready to live the rest of my life with you. Yes, things were not perfect, but they were okay. Like many couples we had our […]

It’s Your Move

It’s been a long war. In the beginning, daily routines were managed with a fair amount of civility, and the pretenses could be maintained amidst family and friends. Eventually, as things heated up, there no longer existed a moment of peace between them. Now, every interaction is steeped with criticism, contempt, and defensiveness. They both […]