Holy Eroticism in Art

Follow up Comments to Pornography and the Mutually Consenting Couple

The ideas of God-based art portraying holy eroticism and the need for its beauty are interesting. Is there some spiritually-sound consensus of what such art would look like?…in literature, painting, poetry, photography, movies, music, etc? Is it to excite, or promote a more Godly picture of sexuality and its purpose, or even offer a how-to […]

Pornography and the Mutually Consenting Couple

Editor’s Notes: Originally posted on Enhancing the Dance. See followup comments here. I’m (Dr. Jessica McCleese) excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to a colleague of mine. We met while I was pursuing training as a sexual educator. Corey has worked directly with Dr. Doug Rosenau, author of A Celebration of Sex, and multiple training programs […]

Musings on God and the Vagina

In the middle of the night, an image came to me of God and a vagina. It was as if the vagina was a picture of God’s invitation to me. The vagina (when aroused) is a warm, moist and luscious garden. It is drenched and has a seductive, captivating appeal and drawing power. By its […]