Can We Acknowledge Each Other as Sexual Beings?

Musings on Our Neutered Imago Dei

It is rather easy to acknowledge our social sexuality, our gender as males and females. What is much harder to affirm is that our friends, our neighbors, and our coworkers actually also have genitals and erotic desires. For many, this thought provokes much discomfort. In many respects, we seem to prefer our acquaintances neutered or […]

How to get your wife to stop nagging you and initiate sex more often

Dr. Corey recently wrote a post on my blog about helping wives know how to get their man’s attention. One of his statements was that “nagging doesn’t help.” I couldn’t help but think how important it could be for men to have some tips about how to help their wives stop nagging and start initiating […]

Our Sexual Body

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, which includes our genitals. However, many Christians seem reluctant to meditate on this fascinating part of our creation. As a result, many adults possess only a very basic understanding of their sexual anatomy and functioning.

Take time to marvel at how God has crafted you. Having a thorough understanding of your body allows you to love your spouse with your entire being: body, soul, and spirit.

Paul & Lori Byerly of The Marriage Bed provide a good introduction (or refresher) on sexual anatomy and responses.

The Male Genitals and The Female GenitalsMale-Female Interlocking Symbol



The Secrets of Eve: Understanding the Mystery of Female Sexuality

Why is female sexual so much more complex than male sexuality?

How can I find the energy to enjoy a good sex life?

What do women really want from sex?

Do religious beliefs affect sexual satisfaction?

Do other women struggle with the same sexual problems I do?

How do I explain sex in a healthy, positive way to my daughters?

How can a healthy expression of my sexuality strengthen may marriage?

Can the church help us to develop a balanced expression of our God-given sexuality?

How do I know if I’m normal?

The Secrets of Eve answers these questions and more. It seeks to show women how to celebrate God’s design for sexuality and through understanding, bridge the gap between the sexes.

A Celebration of Sex: A Guide to Enjoying God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy (Thomas Nelson, 2002)

This is an excellent resource from my mentor, Dr. Doug.

He sets the stage for a biblical celebration of sex and then walks couples through specific and common areas of concern: creating knowledge, enhancing pleasure, enjoying passionate intimacy, overcoming common hurdles, resolving problems, and healing brokenness.

This is great resource marriages, something couples can come back to at different seasons of life.


For Husbands: How to Help When Your Wife is Infertile

by Dr. Jessica McCleese

National Infertility Awareness Week is movement that started in 1989 to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and encourage the public to understand their reproductive health. My friend and colleague Dr. Jessica McCleese has shared part of her journey of infertility here. Last week (during the official awareness week) she once again offered invaluable insights on […]

Christian Sex Therapy

Naturally, we don’t share the private and intimate details of our sexual life with just anyone. There is a sacredness to our sexuality that we want to protect from those who might not handle it well. However, when it is time to address problems in our sexuality, or simply continue growing into God’s best, we […]

When It Hurts

Katrina & Liam’s Story Katrina is a 29-year-old newlywed with a strong work ethic and a heart for others. Formerly a semi-professional ballet dancer, she currently maintains a day job to support her real passion of coaching at-risk teens at her private dance studio. Katrina met her husband, Liam, after what she describes as a […]

Female Sexual Problems

Discover a deeper connection, passion, and mutually fulfilling sex

Did you know it’s normal for most women in marriage to occasionally report a lack of sexual interest or enjoyment? There is hope and healing from the most common female sexual challenges: Low Sexual Desire Difficulty with Arousal Difficulty with Orgasm Painful Sex Many couples also experience conflict over their levels of sexual desire, or […]

Musings on God and the Vagina

In the middle of the night, an image came to me of God and a vagina. It was as if the vagina was a picture of God’s invitation to me. The vagina (when aroused) is a warm, moist and luscious garden. It is drenched and has a seductive, captivating appeal and drawing power. By its […]