Questioning Masturbation

Much debate has surrounded the topic of masturbation in Christian circles. Often the debate asks Is masturbation wrong? and much energy is spent trying prove whether it should be on the approved or not approved list. I’m realizing that a better question to ask regarding masturbation is that of Love. Debates about its sinfulness seems to bring […]

Self-Transcendent Masturbation

Many assume that the solitude act of masturbation is inherently selfish and self-centered. However, it is no more inherently selfish than the sex act is inherently unselfish. Masturbation is not incapable of being self-transcendent. The transcendence of both masturbation and sex depends more on one’s heart attitudes and spiritual maturity than the act itself. The solitude […]

Meaning Making and Masturbation

What meaning do we give masturbation? When our purpose is simply reducing sexual tension and pleasure we will have that (the body will continue to respond as it was created to), but we will also have misery and frustration because we are missing the Divine design; we have reduced ourselves to an animal that simply manages […]

Masturbation as Prayer?

Anything we do with our bodies is a form of prayer when our central intent is opening to God’s presence through it. –Tilden Edwards

Is the intent in masturbation to open God’s presence? If so, can it be considered a form of prayer?

The issue isn’t whether you like to masturbate or not. How and why you maturate (or don’t) always reflects your relationship with yourself . . . we’re discussing masturbation here as a part of optimizing thoughts and feelings because I want you to see masturbation as a tool. Masturbation is a lot more than a tension release. Masturbation is your relationship with yourself in action . . . touching yourself in caring ways is a powerful self-confrontation.

-David Schnarch

What Does Masturbation Mean to You?

For some masturbation is a means of escape, a way to numb the ache of their longings. Others come to believe the physical release is all they desire and are left frustrated when their core desires are left undiminished; they place an expectation on masturbation that it alone is powerless to provide. A few are […]

Theology of Pleasure & Masturbation

Many Christians have moved away from seeing procreation as the only legitimate purpose for sexual expression.  Sex is also considered a gift of God for the purpose of deepening the bond of love and intimacy in marriage. Still, many are hesitant to accept pleasure as part of a pure purpose for our sexual expressions, and not […]

Celebrating Life and Masturbation

Christ came that we might have life, and life to the full. While procreation certainly involves brining children into the world, God’s creative, live-giving powers goes beyond this. As such, both marrieds and singles can participate in Christ mission to bring more life into the world; they both can be part of the spiritual mandate […]

3-D Masturbation

We must bring the three-dimensionality of our being to the topic of masturbation as well. While it is physical, it also connects with our psyche and is a spiritual act.

In truth, every single act of masturbation is an act of worship. The question that remains is, Who is being worshiped? Who is being glorified through this act? Is it glorifying God or is it glorifying the enemy? It is impossible to engage in masturbation and not have it connect to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, guard your heart! And whatever your decision, be fully convinced; engage or not engage from a position of faith, to the glory of God, giving thanks (Romans 14:5-6, 23).