Theology of Pleasure & Masturbation

Many Christians have moved away from seeing procreation as the only legitimate purpose for sexual expression.  Sex is also considered a gift of God for the purpose of deepening the bond of love and intimacy in marriage. Still, many are hesitant to accept pleasure as part of a pure purpose for our sexual expressions, and not […]

Celebrating Life and Masturbation

Christ came that we might have life, and life to the full. While procreation certainly involves brining children into the world, God’s creative, live-giving powers goes beyond this. As such, both marrieds and singles can participate in Christ mission to bring more life into the world; they both can be part of the spiritual mandate […]

Porn and the Hairy Wild Man

Does porn (or prostitution, affairs, and other forms of illicit sex) serve as a poor attempt to access the wild, hairy side of our sexual selves, a quest for heighten levels of eroticism that are deemed inappropriate for the niceness and tameness of marital sexuality and societal expectations? It is the mask of pseudo-intimacy and quasi-eroticism that removes the possibility of being seen. In combating porn, is it possible then that […]