Freeing Eros for Agape

For many Christians, eros stands in stark opposition to agape forms of love. Eros is viewed from many pulpits as a natural, selfish drive that must be carefully managed and is only rightly satisfied (or better tolerated) in marriage, while agape is seen as the spiritual, higher, sacrificial giving love that all Christians are to […]

Whole and Holy Sexuality: How to Find Human and Spiritual Integrity as a Sexual Person

From back cover: Two exaggerations threaten a wholesome understanding of human sexuality today. The first is represented by the ceaseless, value-free quest for pleasure; the second focuses on rules and spiritual clichés that offer little practical counsel or support. Consequently, many people today are confused. They tend to embrace a fragmented, dualistic view of sexual meaning influenced by one extreme or the other.

Whole & Holy Sexuality is for those seeking an integrated, meaning-full, value-full experience of sexuality.


Sex for Christians: The Limits and Liberties of Sexual Living

From Amazon: Now considered a classic statement on sex and sexuality from a Christian perspective, Lewis B. Smedes’s Sex for Christians offers a frank yet compassionate discussion that is refreshingly open-minded and strongly biblical. The book is divided into three major sections. The first, “Sex and Christian People,” overviews human sexuality — its created goodness, its sinful distortions, and its redeemed potential — what we are as human sexual beings. Part Two, “Sex and Single People,” and Part Three, “Sex and Married People,” are about sexual behavior in each succeeding stage of life — the things we do as sexual beings.

With the addition of an extensive epilogue, Smedes brings his text into clear focus with today’s pressing issues — AIDS, cohabitation, homosexuality, and the need to develop Christian strategies regarding sex. And with the hindsight of two decades since Sex for Christians first came out, Smedes presents an even stronger statement of his two sources of authority: the Bible’s moral standards regarding sex, and the authority of reality as we discern it.

Smedes’s attempt to present “a Christian perspective for a truly human sexual life” has resulted in a sexual morality that, within a biblical perspective, is as liberating as it is limiting.

The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love

From Amazon:

A highly original approach from best selling author Thomas Moore, restoring sex to its rightful place in the human psyche as an experience of the soul.

In The Soul of Sex, Thomas Moore at last restores sex to its rightful place in the human psyche. Describing sex as an experience of the soul, Thomas Moore here brings out the fully human side of sex – the roles of fantasy, desire, meaning, and morality – and draws on religion, mythology art, literature, and film to show how sex is one of the most profound mysteries of life.

While finding spirituality inherent in sex, Moore also explores how spiritual values can sometimes wound our sexuality.

Blending rather than opposing spirituality and sexuality, The Soul of Sex offers a fresh, livable way of becoming more deeply sexual and loving in all areas of life.

A Celebration of Sex: A Guide to Enjoying God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy (Thomas Nelson, 2002)

This is an excellent resource from my mentor, Dr. Doug.

He sets the stage for a biblical celebration of sex and then walks couples through specific and common areas of concern: creating knowledge, enhancing pleasure, enjoying passionate intimacy, overcoming common hurdles, resolving problems, and healing brokenness.

This is great resource marriages, something couples can come back to at different seasons of life.


God-Reflective Sexuality

The full beauty and goodness of our sexuality can be experienced when we know its purpose. And in fact, many sexual frustrations seem to be the result of missing its created design. It is good for us then to simply pause and consider why God created sexuality, remembering that our sexuality is more about who […]

Eros Toward the World

It is not difficult to see the many divisions that exist in the world and the pain caused by such discord. For example, many recent events have reminded us that race relations are not yet healed in our nation. As Christians, we are aware that we can find oneness and unity in Christ (Galatians 3:26-28). […]

Sexual Stewardship

You may remember the story Jesus told of the man who entrusted his three servants with various amounts of money (talents), and urged them to manage his affairs well while he was gone. The first two servants were rewarded for trusting their master’s heart, taking a risk, and doubling their investment. The third servant, however, […]