Taking Sex into the Deep

What do we do when we find ourselves wanting more in our sexual lives? Many times we try to spice things up with new positions, novel settings, sexy lingerie, and the like. For a time these things seem to do the trick, and we welcome the return of sexual excitement to our dance. However, it […]

Spiritual Sex

Can sex be a spiritual experience? More often than not, spiritual practices are kept separate from our sexual life. Even when sex is acknowledged as a very good gift from God to be enjoyed in marriage, rarely is sex also seen as a spiritual experience. We may be able to accept that God approves of […]

Pornography and the Mutually Consenting Couple

Editor’s Notes: Originally posted on Enhancing the Dance. See followup comments here. I’m (Dr. Jessica McCleese) excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to a colleague of mine. We met while I was pursuing training as a sexual educator. Corey has worked directly with Dr. Doug Rosenau, author of A Celebration of Sex, and multiple training programs […]

What Does Masturbation Mean to You?

For some masturbation is a means of escape, a way to numb the ache of their longings. Others come to believe the physical release is all they desire and are left frustrated when their core desires are left undiminished; they place an expectation on masturbation that it alone is powerless to provide. A few are […]

Theology of Pleasure & Masturbation

Many Christians have moved away from seeing procreation as the only legitimate purpose for sexual expression.  Sex is also considered a gift of God for the purpose of deepening the bond of love and intimacy in marriage. Still, many are hesitant to accept pleasure as part of a pure purpose for our sexual expressions, and not […]