Our Sexual Body

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, which includes our genitals. However, many Christians seem reluctant to meditate on this fascinating part of our creation. As a result, many adults possess only a very basic understanding of their sexual anatomy and functioning.

Take time to marvel at how God has crafted you. Having a thorough understanding of your body allows you to love your spouse with your entire being: body, soul, and spirit.

Paul & Lori Byerly of The Marriage Bed provide a good introduction (or refresher) on sexual anatomy and responses.

The Male Genitals and The Female GenitalsMale-Female Interlocking Symbol




Each day we make choices and must be willing to suffer the consequences of the choices we make, whether they bring good or bad. Count the cost. Choose wisely. Today, are you choosing Love? Are you willing to face the consequences if you are not?


Finding Help for Female Pelvic Pain

It is not uncommon for women to go to several doctors over the course of many years before finding relief to their pelvic pain. Sexual pain is not something you simply have to endure. Help is available. Keep asking questions and seeking help until you discover God’s best.

A marriage and sex therapist can help you navigate the medical profession while also attending to the relational and emotional aspects of the pain.

Check out the post When It Hurts for more information.

Sexual Pain

Masturbation as Prayer?

Anything we do with our bodies is a form of prayer when our central intent is opening to God’s presence through it. –Tilden Edwards

Is the intent in masturbation to open God’s presence? If so, can it be considered a form of prayer?

3-D Masturbation

We must bring the three-dimensionality of our being to the topic of masturbation as well. While it is physical, it also connects with our psyche and is a spiritual act.

In truth, every single act of masturbation is an act of worship. The question that remains is, Who is being worshiped? Who is being glorified through this act? Is it glorifying God or is it glorifying the enemy? It is impossible to engage in masturbation and not have it connect to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, guard your heart! And whatever your decision, be fully convinced; engage or not engage from a position of faith, to the glory of God, giving thanks (Romans 14:5-6, 23).