“To say the least, the several months have been disruptive. We entered 2020 with high hopes and aspirations and had no idea what was in store for us.

We’ve faced a global pandemic, social unrest and the ugly face of racism, all as we enter another divisive political season.

And while a few of us might have been spared direct impact, life for everyone has been turned upside down.

How we shop and eat, celebrate, worship, and connect with each other have all been disrupted.

It hasn’t been all bad. Some have appreciated getting out the rat race and discovering slower rhythms of life.

But even here, there is this fog of uncertainty that still hangs in the air as we live with a stressful anticipation of what’s next?

Who’s next to get sick and die? What’s the next hash tag bringing attention injustice, violence, and hatred? What happens as we go back to work and our kids back to school?

I don’t think any us expects life to be a cakewalk and we know disruptions are just a part of life.

But it starts to wear our souls down when it become so pervasive and on every side.

Our souls cannot thrive in a constant state of flux. We need some anchors to hold onto – some measure of peace and stability in our lives.

And so how do we care for our souls in times of uncertainty? When the unexpected has become the new normal – how do we not give into despair?”

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