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About Dr. Corey Carlisle

I’m Dr. Corey Carlisle and I help men who feel misunderstood and alone remember their identity as the true sons of God and to embrace their inner king.

We often live with burning questions and deep desires that never make it to the light of day. We sense there is more to us, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone to truly listen, affirm, and call out our greatness personally. And as such, we simply maintain the status quo – dying slowly inside and never fully living.

I’ve been there and now want more for you.

I’m here as your trusted guide to help you recover the glory God has given you.

Latest Blog Posts

July 12, 2020

Law of the harvest

There’s a way life works – certain immutable laws woven into the fabric of God’s universe. And as these laws do not bend to our personal preferences, it’s wise to…
July 11, 2020

When help is not helpful

It’s only natural to want to help those in need. But not all help is helpful. In fact, misdirected help can push people away or otherwise rob them of their…
HopeLarger StoryVision
July 10, 2020

We need hope

Hope gets us up in the morning and gives us the will to face another day despite its many uncertainties. And without some anchor of hope, despair eventually sets in.…

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