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Dr. Corey Carlisle

As the son of a Christian preacher and a social worker, helping others navigate spiritual, personal, and relational concerns is woven into my very DNA. And for years, I’ve worked as a Christian marriage and sex therapist, guiding individuals and couples through the sacred tapestry of their relational and sexual lives. There’s a significant need in this area, and this work has been deeply fulfilling.
However, over time, I started to notice a pattern. Many otherwise good men would enter my sessions emotionally distant, empty, and adrift in life. They were seemingly just going through the motions of life without any sustaining passion, drive, or meaning. And this inner void often translated into strained relationships, unsatisfying careers, and becoming more prone to various addictions.
It became clear that this wasn’t merely a matter of lacking communication or conflict resolution skills within their relationships. It was a profound issue of the soul—men losing touch with their inner vitality and their very manhood. And addressing only the surface symptoms without also tackling these root causes was insufficient.
As such, while I remain committed to my role as a marriage and sex therapist, I’ve also chosen to invest more energy into creating a space for men to rediscover their authentic masculinity. And this is not only beneficial for the individual man but also for all of us.
God created both men and women to reflect aspects of His glory. This means there’s a unique essence to manhood that’s vital for reflecting God in the world—not just generic mankind but as distinctly masculine.
It’s now my desire to elevate the narrative around manhood. Current approaches often polarize: some label masculinity as inherently toxic, while others seemingly advocate for a diluted version. Yet, the truth lies in embracing masculinity’s inherent goodness, as designed by God. And this goodness is not neutered or neutral. Our very bodies tell the story of generative power and potential. It’s time we remember this story ourselves.
Through counseling, writing, and teaching, I’m committed to continuing this dialogue—standing in the gap to provide men with the guidance and resources needed for their growth as mature men and sexual beings in God’s kingdom. I would love to see more men, husbands, and fathers celebrating their gift of masculinity as they boldly offer their strength to bring more life and goodness into the world.
Let’s journey together towards a fuller understanding of what it truly means to be a man—one that aligns with our divine design and contributes to the betterment of our homes, communities, and society.
Professional Qualifications: 
  • Master of Divinity in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (GA -#MFT1310)

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