Dr. Corey Carlisle

In quiet moments I always sensed there must be something more – more to me, more to the work I was called to, more to my relationships, and more to life itself. But others didn’t seem concerned with the same deep questions that burned in my soul.

Eventually, I learned to play the part enough to fit in. And everything looked good on the outside. I was the proverbial good kid and nice guy.

But something was still missing on the inside.

I was taught the Scriptures from my youth and knew intellectually I was a true son of God, but there were few guides to show me how to embrace this truth as a lived reality.

And most days I simply felt misunderstood and alone.

But slowly I woke to the many ways God was mentoring me and calling out my inner strength, heart, and wisdom – and entrusting me with influence to live as a good king in his world.

And now it’s my mission to guide other men in the excavation of their souls and the recovery of their divine destiny.

Through my writing and counseling I help you to remember the deep glory God has crowned you with and your responsibility in bringing more life and goodness into the world.

There are no shortcuts here but I believe the journey is worth it. I simply want to give back what was given to me.

Professional Qualifications: 
  • Master of Divinity in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (GA -#MFT1310)

Professional affiliations:

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