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Office visits

For when you just need to run something by a professional 

Your professional on tap

Family and friends know us well and can generally offer us sound advice. But sometimes it’s still helpful to pick the brain of a professional – someone with training and expertise yet without a personal investment in the outcome of our story.

My office visits give you this chance.

Perhaps you just want to check to see if certain thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are normal. While each story is unique, I can offer you a professional perspective from what I’ve learned over the years after listening to the stories of hundreds of clients.

Or maybe you’re trying to make sense of a particular issue in your relationships, your sexuality, or your spiritual life. My advance training allows me to address these areas one at a time or explore their multiple intersections as needed.

What do you think about this approach to our marriage?

Is it okay for Christians to engage in these sexual behaviors?

How can I know if this is the right decision God wants me to make?

An office visit gives you the chance to run things by a trained professional and receive personalized feedback.

I’m your professional on tap when you need…

  • A nonjudgmental space to explore and process
  • Honest feedback
  • Insights on options
  • Professional recommendations
  • or when you just want to pick my brain on matters important to you.

This is not therapy. Traditional counseling services provide more intensive care to address the various problems and concerns you face throughout your life and relationships. This usually takes place over several sessions lasting a few months or more.

And Discernment Counseling is a good fit when you need help unraveling particular knots or thorny situations. A decision needs to be made and you’re seeking clarity in making this decision. This is typically accomplished over multiple sessions as well.

An office visit is simply consulting with professional to receive informed feedback. And we usually just meet once (though following up with other services whenever necessary).

This can be completed in a 30-minute online session or a full hour session in-person. And you only book as needed when questions or concerns pop-up and you would like a professional take on the situation.

An office visit gives you a bit of insight now that can save you years of regret later.

Your Christian professional on tap

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