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Discernment Counseling

Difficult choices need thoughtful discernment.

Sometimes it’s easy to know what choice we need to make and we simply need the courage to do what needs to be done. At other times, our path forward is not immediately clear.

Do we go right or go left? Or is there even a clear enough path to consider.

This is where a time of discernment can help.

Discernment counseling creates the space for you to thoughtfully consider the choices before you.

Feeling stuck?

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your marriage. Should you go or should you stay? Or is there another way? 

You might also be thinking through career changes, how to handle a particular family drama, or how to best approach a situation with your neighbor, friend, or kids.

Whatever it looks like, life often presents us with difficult choices and not easy answers.

Together we help you to count the cost – giving you greater clarity, confidence, and peace as you make your decisions.

Find clarity and live without regrets

Ignoring issues does not make them go away. In fact, they often just get worse when we don’t deal with them.

But sometimes we don’t know how to tackle an issue. And well-meaning family and friends cannot always provide the objective perspective we need to find our way forward.

Discernment counseling doesn’t give you answers per se. It simply provides you with the clarity needed to make wise and faithful choices.

And even when it’s still a costly decision that has to be made, it can be made without regrets. There’s less doubt and fear about making the wrong choice.

With clarity it might be very clear the path you need to choose. But many times there’s not one right answer and you must simply figure out which cost you’re willing to pay.

Either way, there’s wisdom in taking the time to figure this out rather than blindly forging ahead and risk making a difficult situation even worse.

Need clarity and peace?

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