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Unlock the Power of Transformation

Devotionals for Men

With just a minute or two of reading, you’ll gain powerful, fresh insights that allow you to pause, reflect, and embody timeless truths. Whether you’re a man, husband, or father seeking your divine purpose, these devotionals empower you to embrace your true self, strengthen relationships, and lead with honor.

Daily Journeys

Man Up

Now more than ever, our world yearns for men who will rise to the occasion, embody their divine purpose, and make a profound impact.

The Noble Husband

In a world that often belittles the role of husbands, The Noble Husband calls on men to reclaim their place as pillars of strength and integrity within their homes.

The Fatherhood Challenge

Are you prepared to take the Fatherhood Challenge and build a home filled with love, purpose, and goodness?

Someday At Christmas

Discover the transformative power of hope as you navigate the myriad sorrows of life. Someday at Christmas tears and sorrows will be no more!

Faith, Hope, and Love

Three virtues form the theological foundation of our life with God: faith, hope, and love. Weave truth into your daily life – absorbing these timeless virtues.

By the Sweat of Our Brow

Rediscover the sacred nature of work and its profound impact on our lives. It’s divine duty, without neglecting our souls or meaningful relationships.

Beneath the Waterline

In the hustle of daily life, we often find ourselves in outward pursuits. Come dive beneath the surface into the profound depths of your inner world.

Year Devotional

Soul Food

In the whirlwind of daily life, it’s all too easy to lose touch with our inner selves, others, and God as the very source of our existence. Soul Food helps to bring you back.