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There’s more to sex than just rubbing our bodies together.


And it goes deeper than merely meeting our emotional needs as well.


Sex holds the potential of being an ecstatic spiritual experience – opening us to the very presence of God.


While this depth of sexual expression is rarely acknowledged or discussed, this course seeks to dive into the deep waters and cast a transcendent vision for our sexual potential.

Learn to

Understand the harmony between sexual and spiritual experiences

Explore the levels of adult sexual development

Practice the presence of God during sexual expressions

Lessons include

Spiritual sexuality

These two experience are often kept separate. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Taking sex into the deep

Introduction to the physical, personal, and spiritual levels of sexual development.

Body-centered sex

When sex is "just sex" - focused on the body

Person-centered sex

When a person, and a unique person, matters

Spirit-centered sex

Opening to the presence of God during sexual expressions