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Soul care for men

Helping men go beneath the waterline of the life and relationships and care for their very souls

The human soul runs deep…

…but these deep waters are hard to access in trying to keep up with the everyday demands of life and relationships. As such, we often live disconnected from our inner world, which hinders our freedom and power to love.

Soul care for Christian men creates the space for men to go beneath the waterline of their souls, discover the deep movements of their heart, and bring their wholehearted presence back to their life and relationships.

Soul exploration

Together we might explore the nature of your work – looking beyond merely what you can do to consider what makes your soul come alive and allows you to make a meaningful impact in the world.

We might also consider your various relationships.  Which ones are life-giving and which ones are draining and what role do you play in each?

Our sexuality is also a window into our soul. And so we might explore different desires, fantasies, or concerns to consider what they might reveal about the state of your heart and the deep longings trying to make it to the surface. 

Our soul touches on every aspect of our life and so there’s truly no area off limits from exploring the deeper meaning and purpose it contains.

The long game of soul work and inner growth

There are no magic formulas or quick answers here. The goal is not to fix a problem per se, but to join you on your road to becoming all God has created you to be. It’s the long game with cumulative benefits over time. 

Through our shared dialogue we discern and discover the needs of your soul and what actions might be needed to allow it to thrive.

Get in touch with your inner world

There's more to life than simply going through the motions and surviving. We're invited to participate with God in his grand story and to do our part to bring more life and goodness into the world. But we cannot do this when we're out of touch with our very souls.

Soul care gives you the inner freedom and power to advance more of God’s light and love in your personal life and throughout the world.

Ready to dive deep and discover the more?

The world needs your strength in body and soul

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