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God has given you a glory to reveal. Dive in and discover the more.


Christian marriage and sex therapy
  • Marriage therapy – working with couples to discover God’s best throughout all the ups and downs of their life together.
  • Sex Therapy – creating the space for individual and couples to address the sexual part of their life and enjoy more of the goodness and beauty God has for them.
  • Discernment Counseling – sorting through the knots and difficult choices of life and relationships.
  • Sexual fantasy interpretation for men – Unlocking the secrets of sexual fantasies and restoring their original goodness.

Life coaching

Spiritual direction and life coaching
  • Soul Care for Men – Helping men go beneath the waterline of the life and relationships and care for their very souls.

Counseling Packages

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These counseling packages are not about fixing something that’s broken, but about nurturing and enhancing the love you already share.


Wisdom to take with you offline

Dr. Corey Carlisle

1325 Satellite Blvd., NW
Suite 1002,
Suwanee, Georgia 30024