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Sex Therapy

A quest for sexual wholeness

God created us as sexual beings, but it’s not always easy to talk openly about such matters. And when we assume our sexuality should be natural and easy, it’s even more difficult to know who we can turn to for help.

Christian sex therapy creates the space for you to address the sexual part of your life and enjoy more of the goodness and beauty God has for you here.

Christian sex therapy in Suwanee, GA 30024

More than simple answers needed

Our sexuality runs deep and has many different parts to care for. While we often focus on how well our bodies are working and the tips and techniques to effectively put our body parts together, there are also mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of our sexuality that must be cared for. 

For many, sex therapy provides an opportunity to talk openly about sexual matters for the first time. We might simply talk about current experiences and how you feel about yourself as a sexual being. It might also be helpful to talk through your past to better understand the sexual story you’re living in. 

Many clients also benefit from learning what’s “normal” to help them to set realistic expectations for their dance. Understanding common gender differences and learning new sexual frameworks are also likely a regular part of our time together. 

And, of course, I will coach you through the particulars of your sex life as well – whether this is desire, arousal, or release concerns, or issues regarding identity, integrity, or healing from past wounds.


Sex therapy is not just for problems or for when things are not going well. It’s also an opportunity for growth.

Perhaps you have a good sex life but would still like to grow it into the best God has for you. Beside being a faithful steward to what God has entrusted to you, maturing sexually has many rich blessings beyond the bedroom.

Not sure about therapy? Consider my sexual enrichment package instead. 

Sexual Enrichment Package

Christian sex therapy

Come discover the intimate knowing, creative goodness, and sensual joys available.

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