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Marriage Enrichment

 Maintaining your foundation

Relational tune-up

Just as you take care of your home or maintain your vehicle to prevent major issues down the road, the Marriage Enrichment Package empowers you with the tools and insights to fortify your connection. It’s a check-in to make sure you’re aligned, communicating effectively, and nurturing your intimacy.
Unlike traditional counseling that addresses specific concerns, this package is designed as a tune-up for your relationship. It’s all about having trained eyes look at your marriage – helping you identify any areas that might need a little extra attention.

Investing in your future

While there might not be any pressing problems or specific areas to work on, investing in the health of your marriage today will pay dividends in the future. It’s a chance to pause, reflect, and ensure that you’re on track to create a fulfilling and enduring partnership.
Through six enriching sessions, you and your partner will explore essential topics such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management, intimacy, and the deeper purpose behind your union. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect on a profound level.

Stay strong

Meet with trained marriage therapist

Leverage the collective wisdom gained from hundreds of other couples who have taken this journey before you

Renew and fortify your foundation

Use the vision and tools you've gained to keep your marriage on a foundation that will last

What’s included

The package comprises six comprehensive sessions, with a free PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment, covering crucial topics like communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, commitment, and discovering the true purpose and mission of your marriage — Why did God bring the two of you together?

Session Outline

Session 1  – Embracing Your story

In this session, we’ll get to know your unique story as a couple, identify the areas of strength and potential growth, and explore the divine purpose behind your union.
Homework: complete PREPARE/ENRICH assessment

Session 2 – Review the Assessment

We’ll review the results of your assessment together, gaining valuable insights into your relationship dynamics.

Session 3 – Mastering Communication

Learn effective communication techniques and conflict resolution skills to enhance understanding and empathy in your marriage.

Session 4 – Navigating Life Together

Explore essential aspects like handling finances, parenting, dealing with in-laws, and managing everyday challenges.

Session 5 – Fostering intimacy

Delve into the realm of sexual intimacy and discover ways to keep the flame of passion alive in your marriage.

Session 6 – Strengthening Your Spiritual Bond

Cultivate spiritual intimacy and solidify your commitment to each other, while revisiting your marriage’s mission and vision.

Marriage is a picture of God’s divine union. And your relationship is part of the story he is telling.

Enrichment Package

The marriage enrichment package places a strong emphasis on education and skill-building. It’s ideally suited for couples who are currently in a positive place with no urgent issues to address.




Couple’s Counseling

In traditional couple’s counseling, we have the flexibility to address and treat specific problem areas more intensively. While we cover similar topics, marriage therapy allows us to delve deeper into the core issues for more comprehensive solutions.

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