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Professional consultation for pastors and business leaders

Help navigating relational landmines

Pastors and business leaders are regularly tasked with navigating many complex and messy relational concerns. And these difficult situations can hinder the work they’ve been called to do if not handled wisely. Professional consultations are an opportunity for leaders to step outside of their ministry bubble and receive a fresh perspective on the issues, while still maintaining confidentiality.

Together we sort through the theological, relational, and practical considerations needed to help you make informed decisions moving forward.
Many relational landmines are unintentionally triggered when we’re too close to an issue. And this brings much unnecessary suffering for others and risks making us ineffective in our ministry as well.
Add to your team a professional therapist trained and with years of experience addressing the relational and sexual concerns of clients with a theological lens.
Whether it’s one-time or ongoing consultation, don’t leave those important pastoral issues and questions unanswered. Gain perspective, clarity, and confidence needed to continue faithfully doing the work God has called you to do.

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There's no need to try to do this alone.

Available online or in-person