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There’s a time to relish in boyhood – to receive all the attention, care, and praise of others

with nothing required of us.


But there comes a time in which we must also grow up and fully embrace our

responsibilities as men.


Our mature masculine presence is needed in every aspect of our life and relationships and

this course reminds us to continue our journey.

Learn to

Distinguish between boyish and manly approaches to life

Explore major life spheres needing mature masculine presence

Begin applying mature manhood to selected life spheres

Lessons include

Boyhood to manhood

Enjoy boyhood to the full. And learn to engage life as a mature man.

Manly work

Neither playing it safe nor overcompensating

Maturing friendships

Forging deeper and stronger bonds


Build the culture of your home - creating a space for others thrive

Wielding the sexual force

Harnessing light rather than darkness

Maturing in faith

Personally tested and refined