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A note to Eve

Helping the men in your life to open up

Stubborn, hardheaded, and closed off men

lead to frustrated and lonely women.

You just want to spend time with us and get to know us better. But we often don’t know ourselves and we easily get defensive when you keep asking us to give something we don’t know how to give. This is not a lack of desire. We would freely give you are heart and soul if we only knew how. But we don’t and this leaves us feeling incompetent. And we don’t generally like hanging out in areas we don’t feel confident, which is why it’s often easier to go to work than to figure out our inner world or pursue a deeper connection relationally.

As Eve, you tend to naturally be more aware of heart and relational needs. And while this often feels like an unfair burden at times, it is also part of your gift and how you bless the men in your life. Your feminine heart arouses us and invites us into deeper waters that we’re often uninspired to dive into on our own. It’s true men need other men to sharpen and refine each other. And it’s also true that Eve plays a key role in motivating us to become better men.

We need the masculine and the feminine to become all that God has for us. But our approaches are different.

Eve’s invitation to more life

Men can speak into each other’s lives in a way women cannot. And, as a man, I can fulfill this role of iron sharpening iron in the lives of other men. But many men are not aware of their need for self-development and they continue to drag old baggage around – robbing them of the depth, connection, and meaningful impact they desire.

As Eve, you’re able to grab our attention and open the door of possibility – inviting us to consider more of the life God has for us. This might be through your very presence, or more actively by passing on an article or two of interest from my blog when he’s in a position to receive it. Or it might be encouraging him to spend some one-on-one time with me, as someone who has dedicated his life to helping men better understand themselves and live with greater freedom, power, and love.

Unlocking the masculine soul

I help the men you care about deal with their past baggage, connect with their deep heart, and learn to be more relationally present in their own unique way. And as they discover the deeper meaning and purpose for their life, you’re blessed with the overflow of their deep and passionate hearts.

May your tender heart invite the men in your life into the deeper waters God has for them.

Are you tired of hitting a brick wall as you try to connect with your man and get him to open up?

Invite him to join me on a journey of unlocking the masculine soul and rediscovering the original glory God has given us to reveal.

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