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Marriage Therapy

Discover God’s best for your marriage

At first, falling in love seemed like the easiest thing to do. But it generally doesn’t take long before we realize we’re two imperfect people trying to love each other well. And while some days it feels like we’ve found our groove, other days we struggle and it takes everything in us just to hold on. 


Marriage therapy is beneficial for all these ups and downs in our life together.

When there’s a problem

Certainly, during hard seasons it’s good to have someone walk with us to help sort through the challenges we’re facing. 

As a marriage therapist, I help couples to overcome gridlock when they’re stuck on particular issues, navigate and heal together from wounds such as affairs and other infidelities, and find common ground when they’re facing deep disagreements with each other. 

I don’t tell you what you need to do, but I simply create the space and give you the tools to find resolution to your own problems. After all, you are the one who has to live with the outcomes, not me.

When it’s time to grow

The best time to start marriage therapy is usually before there is a problem. And our problems tend to only get worse when effective help and support is delayed. In fact, many of the serious problems couples face could’ve been avoided if they had only sought help a bit sooner.

As a marriage therapist, I help couples to grow and enrich their marital bond. This might be as simple as polishing communication skills, learning how to fight fair, and discovering more about your personality and styles of relating

Time might also be spent in considering the purpose and mission God has for your marriage. It’s easier to stay united when it’s clear you’re fighting together to advance God’s kingdom.

Check-in and Tune-ups

Like preventive maintenance on our house or vehicles, it’s good to have the same for our marriage as well. Here there’s not a particular problem to address or area we want to grow in. But it’s simply wise to have trained eyes to regularly look at our marriage to see if we’re missing any blind spots

Whether once a quarter or once a year, I offer couples the chance just to check in on their marriage. And one or two sessions might be all that’s needed to keep your marriage in good shape and moving towards God’s best.

My marriage enrichment package might also be a good option to consider.
Marriage Enrichment Package

Christian marriage therapy

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