Remember: And other collected thoughts, 2019

From his walk with men over the years, Dr. Corey offers many nuggets of insight for ordinary guys committed to becoming good men and discovering all that God has for them throughout their life and relationships.

There are deep reflections here on our work and calling, our role as husbands and fathers, on sexuality, friendship, faith, and much more – looking beneath the waterline to tap into the heart of our masculine soul.

Lightness of being: And other collected thoughts, 2020

Lightness of being is a collection of thoughts addressed to ordinary men navigating the various frontiers of life and relationships. This is definitely not a how-to manual, but it does offer men many nuggets of inspiration and practical wisdom for daily life – helping them to live balanced lives grounded in truth, promoting the good, and celebrating the joys.

This is a great resource for men, or for the men in your life, who are ready to grow in becoming a good man, but who don’t have particular issues to bring them into therapy, or perhaps who are just not ready for therapy yet. It addresses the serious issues men face without being cliché or preachy.