Unlock the man God created you to be

Counseling and soul care for Christian leaders

Are you tired of…

  • wrestling with yourself

  • wondering if you have what it takes

  • feeling like you’re constantly letting others down, or

  • living a life without impact

…and ready to live with more freedom, power, and love?

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1. Schedule 

Give me a call or schedule at your convenience online to book a time for us to dive into your story.

2. Discover

Without any unnecessary psychobabble, we’ll simply chat and explore what’s holding you back and any hidden doors of potential.

3. Unlock 

Together we’ll listen and follow the Spirit as he unlocks who God has created you to be and you experience the joy of living with greater freedom, power, and love.

Dr. Corey Carlisle

I know the frustration of wanting to make a difference but not knowing how to get out of my own way.
With a background in theology, marriage therapy, and sexuality, I’ve spent thousands of hours in clinical practice helping individuals and couples to live with greater freedom, power, and love throughout their life and relationships.
And I want to offer this same guidance to you. There’s too much good to be done for your potential to be neglected.