Resurrection and Marriage

“Resurrection is not a miracle to be proven; it is a manifestation of the wholeness that we are all meant to experience, even in this world.” –Richard Rohr Rohr believes one of the greatest and most beautiful symbols the human heart seeks and desires is of resurrection, which is seen as a universal pattern of […]

On Hope

  “In Christ alone my hope is found.” We sing these words and declare them as true, but it seems we practice a very different story in our daily lives. This comes in part from not fully understanding what hope is, and also our tendency to attach it onto unfulfilling things. Frequently we use the […]

Death and Gratitude

Death has visited my community quite often recently, and it has not spared my family either. I don’t believe I am alone in my dread and discomfort with death. I hate the thought of being separated from my loved ones. Most days I try not to think about it, pretend it doesn’t exist or won’t happen […]

The Power of Presence

There are days when my heart is overwhelmed. I long for something, yet nothing in particular. Usual work and activities no longer satisfy my soul cravings, and there’s an internal gnawing that will not give me rest. It is here, in these moments, I am discovering the healing presence of beauty. Beauty has a way of feeding my soul and soothing […]

Engage Your Passions

One of my favorite memories growing up was sitting with my dad after dinner waiting for the next episode of Star Trek to begin. I’m mostly a closet Trekkie, but the show appealed to my curiosity “to explore strange new worlds.” I love investigating the world around me, particularly how people relate to each other. […]


On a recent retreat with some friends it rained, a lot. After looking forward to getting out of the office and into nature, I was not a happy camper when I realized it was going to rain all weekend. There is something restorative about being outside, and  my soul desperately needed restoring. I thought: Really, […]