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In the middle of the night, an image came to me of God and a vagina. It was as if the vagina was a picture of God’s invitation to me.

The vagina (when aroused) is a warm, moist and luscious garden. It is drenched and has a seductive, captivating appeal and drawing power. By its very nature it is able to be open and it readily takes into itself, enveloping and embracing softly and tenderly, yet with a sure and firm grip. It is accommodating, easily able to adjust to various sizes presented to it.

The vagina invites one to come in and find comfort, pleasure, and release in her tender retreat, to fully let go from all the built up tension and pent up energy one is holding on to. She invites you for the quick encounters and for prolonged sensual feast, for gentle soothing waves of connecting and for crashing waves of passion; yes, she invites for moments of desperate intensity and for the breathy cries of ecstasy.

She says, “Come, loose yourself in me. Yes, spill your life in me and you will find life created anew!”

In its proper context, the vagina becomes a rich metaphor for the invitation of God Himself.

Indeed, the vagina is a picture, and shadow, that points back to its Creator, God. God is the ultimate warm, moist and luscious garden. He freely drenches us in blessings. He has a seductive, captivating appeal and drawing power. He is open and readily takes into Himself, enveloping and embracing His children with a soft and tender, yet sure and firm grip. He is accommodating and able to handle any size issue we bring to him.

He calls us to seek Him for a tender retreat, to find comfort, pleasure and release in Him. Yes, He invites us to fully let go of all the built up tension and pent up energy we are holding on to. He invites us to come for quick encounters with Him as well as for extended sensual feasts of communion. He invites us to come gently and passionately, when times are desperate and intense, and when we are outside of ourselves in moments of ecstasy.

He says, “Come, loose yourself in me. Yes, spill your life in Me and you will find it anew!”

The characteristics of the vagina can highlight aspects of femininity in general. Does not Eve invite and offer a tender retreat like no other creature? Yet, beyond highlighting femininity, the vagina and Eve both point back to their Creator. It is His image stamped on them.

In the beginning God create Man, male and female He created them and they are fearfully and wonderfully made. As males and females we are able to enjoy a rich dance of the sexes relating and connecting with each other.

Both our social and erotic sexualities provide a glimpse of who God is and how He relates with us.

Our sexuality gives us a tangible and physical reality that reveals deeper spiritual truths of God. 

Unfortunately, as with many others things, we are prone to worship the created rather that the Creator. Even in writing this, I have to be mindful not to become so attach to images of the vagina and Eve, as captivating as they are, and miss God.

I have to check making the created my gods. They were created to point me to God, not become my god.

We fail here many times over. We become addicted to images of Eve, her body parts, and sex with her. Initially drawn because of the transcendent qualities they posses, we stop, failing to take our journey to the Creator, and, in turn, make the created our god.

In our addictions, we are not free to love God as we should; we’ve tired to put Him in a box as our god has become sex or Eve, or images thereof. And as such, we are not free to fully love one another because we have made them out to be some sort of god which they are not; we then are prone get mad when they don’t provide us the things we believe that are capable of as gods.

Let us learn from and enjoy to the beautiful and rich metaphors even our genitals can provide, pointing us back to our Creator. And let us not confuse our praise and worship of God, who has made such fascinating genitalia and is reflected therein, with the worship of genitalia, sexuality, or any other created thing.

Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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