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Childhood is a time of wonder and delight – a mysterious magic that captivates us with breathtaking beauty and true goodness. But, in time, we often become so pragmatic with the burdens of adulthood that the magic is lost. Ironically, part of maturity is becoming childlike again and restoring the magic our hearts still long for. And this might be a journey now needed for both ourselves and our children.

For instance, there was a time in which adults were the only ones in real danger of losing touch with the magic of life. But it seems many kids are also being robbed of their childlike wonder – trusting now more in a scientific understanding, or their own wits to figure things out. And, of course, there’s a place for the logical understanding of life. But we leave our life and souls impoverished when we don’t make room for the magic as well.

Magic is often considered just a childish fantasy – an immature approach to making sense of the world. And certainly these elements are present in a child’s make-believe play. But the heart of magic is not about pretend play. Rather is being open to a mysterious and supernatural power beyond our limited ability to understand.

For example, the magic of Christmas allows us to keep our hearts open for impossible goodness; things that seem otherwise improbable are made possible with a little touch of Christmas magic. And, to be sure, another way to say this is simply letting hope expand our imagination as we trust in God who is able to accomplish more than we could ever dream.  

Restoring the magic is choosing to believe God’s power for good is still at work in our lives beyond our ability to control or fully understand. And perhaps it’s fair to say we’re under the spell of the evil one when we’ve grown dull to this magic at work in our lives.

In the end, there’s wisdom to the pragmatic and logical side of life. But don’t forget your childlike wonder. Restore the magic by keeping your heart open to the mysterious ways God still graces your life with much goodness and beauty.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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