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To live with passion is to allow our inner vitality to permeate every area of our life – to be all in in generously pouring out and offering our life-giving strength to the world around us.

Perhaps our failure to thrive as men is connected to our lack of passionate living – our potential remains flaccid, rarely stirred by deep desire to rise and bring more life into the world.

To live passionately is to offer the fullness of our strength to our work, our relationships, and, of course, our sexuality.

Passionate Work

Doing work that matters requires our passion. Because it matters, we want to give it our all. And we must have a deep desire in order to keep showing up and offering the fullness of ourselves to the work.

Doing work that matters and that we are passionate about should not be confused with earning a living. Sometimes these are the same thing, and many times they are not.

Like the Apostle Paul, we might have to work a trade in order to support the work we are truly passionate about.

In any case, there is a work that is ours to do. To live passionately is to be all in – giving ourselves fully to the work God has called us to.

Passionate Relationships

Our relationships will not flourish without our passionate presence. It is our passion that pushes us beyond surface connecting and allows us to plants seeds of life and goodness deep within our marriage and friendships.

Relationships are not static, they must be actively cared for in order to thrive. A passive and halfhearted presence only leads to deterioration. On the other hand, passion keeps our relationships vitalized.

To live passionately is to infuse our relationships with our generative strength – allowing them to flourish and become all that God has for them.

Passionate Sexuality

Passion is generally associated with sexuality, as it should be. However, passion here is much more than our genital expressions – it is affirming and celebrating the totality of our embodied existence as men.

God created us as sexual beings, with many intense surges and deep aches. We have sexual thoughts, feelings, and desires that are uniquely male, and uniquely ours. Certainly, we need wisdom here, but we do not have to apologize for our sexual design.

To live passionately is to live unapologetically as sexual men– allowing our masculine presence to reflect the firm and pulsating strength of our God.

We live with passion when we bring our inner strength and vitality to bear in every area of life.

A weak and dull presence robs us of the rich life God has for us.

Don’t settle for a dry or stagnant reality in your work, relationships, or sexuality.

Discover the more and live passionately!

Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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