Empower Your Marriage with Grace

“I’m so sorry, Sweetie, I slipped up again.” It can be difficult to know how to respond when our spouse’s actions negatively affect us. We want to be gracious people, as God has been gracious to us, but we also don’t want our grace to be taken advantage of and used as an excuse for […]

Marriage Weed Control Tips

A weed is “a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation.” Simply put, it is a plant in the wrong place or a plant other than the ones we desire and intend to grow. Every garden and yard must contend with weeds, and our marriage is no different. Just like our plants, marriages can be […]

It’s Not My Job to Grow Up My Spouse

The following insights are some of the hardest but most valuable interpersonal lessons I’ve learned over time… It’s not my job to “grow up” my husband. That’s God’s job. Realizing that my role in life and in my relationships, first and foremost, is to allow God to grow ME up has freed me from over-focusing on others. […]

Pet Peeves in Marriage

There is a single, unopened Twix bar that continually sits on our nightstand. And it drives me insane. Perhaps I should explain… My amazing husband travels for work, and on each trip he returns with a Twix bar offered to him by an air stewardess completely unaware of the ongoing feud she is enabling within […]

Loving Hard, Loving Soft

“For the past few years my husband has been unable to keep a good erection for us to make love. I know things change when we get older, and maybe sex really is just for the young, but we both really miss our intimate encounters with each other. How can we keep our passion alive […]

Erectile Dysfunction, Coping with ED

The Exclusive and Inclusive Nature of Marriage

My wife and our marriage are a priority in my life. However, at times I feel suffocated. I enjoy spending time with others, and with her included, but it seems she always wants it to be just the two of us. How can I help her understand that time with others is not a rejection […]

Exclusive Inclusive Marriage

How to get your wife to stop nagging you and initiate sex more often

Dr. Corey recently wrote a post on my blog about helping wives know how to get their man’s attention. One of his statements was that “nagging doesn’t help.” I couldn’t help but think how important it could be for men to have some tips about how to help their wives stop nagging and start initiating […]

Building Intimacy Through Curiosity

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on BetterThanTheHoneymoon.com. Do you remember when you were dating and first getting to know your spouse? Chances are good you were intensely curious and found great joy in discovering all the fascinating details about his or her life. Getting to know each other was a large part of the excitement […]

Beauty Hunting

Become Good Soil
January 28, 2014

A professor once reminded me of the need to be intentional about seeking beauty, especially when counseling in the area of abuse and trauma. During each class break she would post pictures from Cute Overload, a blog featuring various cute animals. While the fury animals didn’t always stir my soul, the point was still well taken. We need regular reminders that beauty exists.

Even in a world of indescribable pain, suffering, and brokenness, profound beauty remains. And beauty reminds us of God’s infinite goodness.

To be sure, in the midst of terrorist attacks and the death of love ones it is easy to have our attention arrested by such overwhelming negative events, not to mention cancer, sex trafficking, past due bills, and that gnawing sense we have to prove our worth by staying busy.

Even still, beauty and joy are available if we have the eyes to see.

And so, beauty hunting is an apt description. We need beauty to heal and restore our souls, but we must often hunt for it.

Spend some time beauty hunting today. Where will you look? How will you open yourself up to beauty around you? Check out the linked article above for some ideas to get you started.

‘Only two things pierce the human soul,’ Simone Weil wrote, ‘One is beauty. The other is affliction.’ She was right.  Beauty is unique in its power. Not only to pierce the human soul, but even more to unlock it so that Love can come in and hope can win.

Beauty Hunting - Dr. Corey Carlisle

Sexual Faithfulness is More Than Not Having an Affair

I don’t understand why my husband is not satisfied with our sex life. I was a virgin when we married and I’ve remained sexually faithful to him throughout. I’ve never cheated on him and rarely say no to his advances. What more does he want from me? Sexual faithfulness is about remaining true and loyal […]