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Circumstances will naturally shape many of our decisions and how we respond to the immediate situations in front of us. At the same time, there are bedrock truths that remain unchanged despite whatever circumstances we face.

Of course, it’s easy to let the things that happen to us define who we are.

For instance, when we’re the victim of life’s many tragedies we might be tempted to let ourselves off the hook for pursuing certain standards. And we might take this approach with others as well.

For example, we might feel bad for a child who has had a rough childhood and be more prone to overlook their disrespect and laziness elsewhere. We don’t hold them to the same standard because of their past.

But, whether it’s with others or ourselves, some things remain unchangeable regardless of what we’ve been through.

And bedrock truths are foundational because they’re not dependent on our particular circumstances.

For example, even when others have harmed us, we still have the responsibility to forgive and practice love. And we don’t get an excuse not to love regardless of how unfair our situation might actually be.

And just because everyone else seems to be cheating to get ahead in business is not justification for us to do the same.

Likewise, even if our wife is withholding sexually, this is still not an excuse to sin and lust after others. A standard of sexual faithfulness remains even through difficult and desperate seasons.

In the end, this is not to suggest we don’t address injustices whenever necessary. But it is a reminder that injustices do not change the standard of truth God has called us to live by.

We compromise who we are and who God has called us to be when we don’t stand firm on the core truths he has given us.

Remember the bedrock truths God has given you and do not waver despite your many changing circumstances.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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