We find many things intriguing. They capture our attention and we take great pleasure in contemplating and exploring their mysteries. And given our sexual curiosity and wonder, it’s no real surprise we’re regularly fascinated by sex as well.

A little kid might be fascinated with how things work and spend all day tinkering – taking things apart and putting them back together again.

And this interest could continue into adulthood.

But as a deep fascination it also becomes a desire that’s never completely satisfied. There’s always more he wants to tinker with.

And it seems sexual fascination follows a similar suit.

We tend to hold a deep interest in sexuality that’s not satisfied by merely learning the mechanics or simply in having sex.

There’s a mystery that keeps us captivated – much deeper than any one person, act, or image. And this likely speaks to the transcendent qualities of sex.

But often this fascination is shrouded in shame. It seems inappropriate to explore and contemplate the mysteries of sex for the sheer enjoyment of it.

We might tolerate it for the sake of basic education or as a means to spice up our lovemaking. But it’s rare to unapologetically enjoy our fascination for it’s own sake.

And unfortunately when we don’t make room for our interests in the light they’re more likely to go underground and become corrupt.

Said another way, we’re more vulnerable to the dark side of the sexual force when we don’t learn how to honor and enjoy our fascination aboveboard.

Prayer and practice is a good place to start – gratitude for the beauty of sexuality and consciously bringing God into the focus of our intrigue.

Together with God we get to ponder and muse, feast on and delight in the wonder of our sexuality – a small glimpse of his infinite glory.

Freely contemplate, explore, and enjoy your fascination with sex as a mature and true son of God.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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  • Rick H. says:

    Dr. Carlisle, what an amazing post you wrote on Sexual Fascination. Thank you. You bring out the fact that God was the designer of our bodies, with each part, and purpose for each part. You bring out the fact that Sex was not only God’s idea…it was blessed by Him. You bring out the fact that fascination and wonder of the sexual component is not evil–it’s based on our physical, emotional and spiritual design (aka, we’re wired to be both curious and amazed by Sex). You bring out the fact that, when approached in godly purview it’s actually wholesome to ponder at the beauty and mystery of this God-given gift for couples. In that light, it’s wholesome, marvelous, reverent vs. evil (Philippians 4:8). How wonderful if more churches would embrace this view, how freeing it would be….Thank you again, Dr. Carlisle, for a wonderer post.

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