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Love is not reserved just for special occasions. In fact, the most meaningful acts of love are often the ones just because. This communicates value and worth much beyond simply remembering an occasion.

It seems we’ve been conditioned to express our love mostly around birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion. And these are certainly excellent times to celebrate love and honor those we are in relationship with.

All the same, this conditioning often leaves us weak in expressing our love at other times. It’s as if we forget to bring acts of love into our everyday life without the help of commercials to remind us.

It’s good to love just because.

This might be a gift, or a card, or a “special” date night, not to celebrate an occasion per se, but simply just because. Likewise, we might prepare a favorite snack, take a day trip, or offer to massage shoulders for no other reason than an occasion to express our love.

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of those big days. But let’s not limit our expressions to these days. Everyday is a good day to remind others of their value and worth in our lives – to let them know we love them just because.

It’s easy to forget and these everyday expressions speak an undeniable truth.

You are loved! Not because it’s a special occasion. But simply, just because!

We might not admit it, but we all long to know we matter and are deeply loved for no other reason than that we exist. Loving just because reminds those we are in relationship with of this truth.

By all means, go big on the major days. And remember also to love, just because.

Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash

Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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