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Top Ten
  1. Growing up sexually – While we understand the need to mature in many areas, intentionally growing our sexual selves often gets neglected. And it’s time to grow up.
  2. Beyond the recipe – Learn from all the available recipes of life. But grow beyond the recipes into mature freedom and creativity. This keeps us out of the box of limitations.
  3. Romance as pursuit – It’s not about the flowers, chocolates, or candlelit dinners. These things are nice, but true romance is about pursuing the heart of the one we love.
  4. The sexual force – Sexual energy is a powerful force. And we must discern between its light side and dark side to use the force within us for good.
  5. Sexual fascination – We find many things fascinating and naturally this also includes sex. Learn to rightly ponder and muse, feast on and delight in the wonder of our sexuality.
  6. Sex as ritual– Most of our sexual expressions are probably more habitual than ritual. But sex as ritual allows our souls to reorient back to deep truths and meaning.
  7. Start by doing it badly – Accept and grow through the many awkward beginnings of life and relationships. Start by doing it badly in order to grow into your better.
  8. Sexual wholeness – Don’t settle for cheap thrills. Learn to bring together all that you are and experience sexual wholeness. This opens the door for deep and passionate love.
  9. Naming the good we desire – It’s easy to name what we don’t want. But the path forward requires us to also discover the good we desire. More than mere complaints, we need vision.
  10. Enough is enough– Not every fight is worth fighting. But there’s a point when enough is enough and we must take a stand for what is true, right, and good.
Honorable Mention
  1. The challenge of freedom – The challenge of freedom is figuring out what to do with it once we have it. And our responsibility includes directing the course of our life toward better.
  2. Dancing with the rain – Rain doesn’t care about our plans. It rains when it rains and there is great wisdom in learning how to dance with it. This brings peace instead of despair.
  3. It starts at home – Our heart of love and care is forged first on the home front. And, in the end, we change the world by starting first at home.
Top Post from Any Year
  1. Palpable love – It’s not enough to know we are loved. We want to feel and experience love. It’s this palpable love that communicates the depth and sincerity of our love.
  2. Will I ever Get Over the Shame of My Sexual Past? – The healing of shame must be done in relationship, and these relationships must go beyond casual connecting. Who are you sharing your story with?
  3. Death and Gratitude – There is less fear, greater respect, and deeper appreciation for the role death plays in life. The knowledge of death deepens my gratitude of life.
Dr. Corey Carlisle

Licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist - providing Christian counseling and soul care to individuals and couples, with a special emphasis on developing the masculine soul. Suwanee, GA 30024

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