Worth the Wait?

On both sides of the altar, going and coming, it seems many Christians are wondering if saving sex for marriage either is worth it or was worth it. For singles, they question the value of waiting especially when many of their peers, and maybe even their future spouse, is out having fun hooking up. It […]

Embracing Our Eroticism

It seems coffee serves a functional purpose for many, as they habitually gulp it down to get their daily fix of caffeine. However, for me, I believe drinking coffee should be an experience. I love to relish in the aroma, the anticipation, and the savor of each sip. And this is even better when shared […]

Too Stressed for Sex?

It is no surprise that life can be very stressful. Not only are we faced with many demands from work and our personal relationships, we are also bombarded daily with many local, national, and global concerns. There seems to be no shortage of issues demanding our attention and response. When this internal tension is persistent, […]

The Spice of Life

As I was buying a bag of apples the other day, I was struck at how many varieties there are. There were Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji, McIntosh and (my favorite) Gala, just to name a few. According to Wikipedia, over 7,500 varieties of apples are known. Apparently, it is not […]

It’s Planting Time

Here in Atlanta, the cool fall mornings have arrived and the leaves are bursting with their autumn colors. It’s fall harvest time! What we might miss by simply going to the grocery store and picking out the best pumpkin is that they didn’t arrive on our schedule. Seeds had to be planted and watered, and […]

Simplicity and Sex

There’s just not enough time in the day. By the time we try to complete everything we need to do, we crawl into bed exhausted, with nothing but sleep on our minds. We wake up the next morning to start the daily grind all over again.  We’re so busy, there’s just not enough time in […]

Igniting the Spark of Sexual Passion

They are best friends, great parents, and it is clear they love each other deeply. Still, they are confused at their lack of sexual energy. The infrequent sexual encounters tend to be routine and mechanical, and they find themselves more as good roommates than passionate lovers. They long to reignite the spark of sexual energy […]

Taking Sex into the Deep

What do we do when we find ourselves wanting more in our sexual lives? Many times we try to spice things up with new positions, novel settings, sexy lingerie, and the like. For a time these things seem to do the trick, and we welcome the return of sexual excitement to our dance. However, it […]

Holy Eroticism in Art

Follow up Comments to Pornography and the Mutually Consenting Couple

The ideas of God-based art portraying holy eroticism and the need for its beauty are interesting. Is there some spiritually-sound consensus of what such art would look like?…in literature, painting, poetry, photography, movies, music, etc? Is it to excite, or promote a more Godly picture of sexuality and its purpose, or even offer a how-to […]

Pornography and the Mutually Consenting Couple

Editor’s Notes: Originally posted on Enhancing the Dance. See followup comments here. I’m (Dr. Jessica McCleese) excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to a colleague of mine. We met while I was pursuing training as a sexual educator. Corey has worked directly with Dr. Doug Rosenau, author of A Celebration of Sex, and multiple training programs […]